A new life of the cryptocurrency industry: DeFi tokens are now on Cryptology

Trade DeFi tokens

The emergence of the decentralized finance system has become one of the most significant and exciting events in the field of blockchain technology. DeFi token capitalization has reached $10 billion today and is not going to slow down.

What is Defi?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a simple financial instrument based on blockchain technology, open-source protocols, and modular frameworks. The DeFi system does not have a single centralized control and intermediaries. DeFi allows the users to interact through peer-to-peer networks and a decentralized application (dApp).

The main goal of DeFi – is to enable absolutely everyone to use payment systems and financial products, regardless of citizenship or financial status. The modular structure and interoperability between blockchains allow the system of decentralized finance to create entire markets for financial services.

Cryptology takes a challenge

Cryptology, a professional digital asset trading platform, supports the most promising projects and provides its users with the opportunity to become part of the innovative DeFi system. We have decided to add the most up-to-date and verified DeFi tokens to the Cryptology platform:

  • Aave – the largest shareholding token with $1.52 billion locked;
  • Maker – $1.42 billion;
  • Synthetics – $856 million;
  • Yearn – $821 million.

These DeFi tokens are available both for spot and futures trading.

DeFi tokens, A new life of the cryptocurrency industry: DeFi tokens are now on Cryptology
DeFi tokens on Cryptology

DeFi benefits over conventional funding

A significant portion of the modern DeFi systems runs on the Ethereum blockchain, so their technological advantages are inextricably linked to the capabilities of Ethereum. So that DeFi has three main benefits:

  • Programmability. The ability to use smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain allows you to program the execution of all transaction conditions and generate new financial instruments and valuable assets.
  • Safety. DeFi application data is capable of being stored on hundreds or thousands of different nodes, which prevents hackers from attacking or compromising the system to gain control over the data. Also, no single node in the DeFi system can harm the entire network, which tells us that the distribution of data storage and their confirmation occurs evenly among all nodes in the network.
  • Compatibility. The ability to share Ethereum protocols allows the various DeFi to interact with each other, which creates the opportunity for DeFi to emerge as a complete financial system.

Reasons to buy DeFi tokens:

  • High volatility of futures and the ability to trade with leverage x100.
  • Opportunity for new Cryptology users to purchase Bitcoin without a commission and use it to trade DeFi tokens.
  • Security guaranteed by a decentralized application structure with data stored on hundreds and thousands of different nodes.
  • Ability to participate in spot deals with DeFi futures.

Become a part of the innovative DeFi project with Cryptology!