Application Update: Cryptology v 1.3

Hi, Сryptologists!

We’re constantly improving our mobile application and let us tell you what the new release brings.

Cryptology v 1.3:

— There are already many tokens and even more coming. So we’ve made a special interface to support lots of wallets and still stay easy to use.

— You may see address info in the deposit and withdrawal transaction history now. And there is also a Block Explorer link to check if everything goes as planned.

— There is a brand new withdrawal address validation for cryptocurrencies for you not to lose any tokens by mistake.

— You may now find an FAQ link in the Settings section. Check it please from time to time. We try our best to tell everything you need to know about the use of our app.

— And we’ve also had a bunch of Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements.

The new version is already available for download in Apple Store and Google Play.

Do you like it? Have any ideas?

Join and tell us what you think of it.

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