Application Update: Cryptology v 1.4

It is time to hear what we have done to make your crypto experience better.

Cryptology v 1.4

— Finally! Estimated Total Value on the Portfolio screen includes all the wallet’s assets.

— We’ve improved the resubmission of KYC documents to make it easier if anything goes wrong.

— You may now see the details of a limit order on its screen in the iOS app.

— You will see now your deposit and withdrawal transactions in the Wallet History and trades in Portfolio.

— We got crypto deposit and withdrawal, and fiat deposit flow improved.

— Your linked bank card is now visible on the Settings screen, and you may change or remove it.

— Be prompted for having not enough funds to make a trade with an easy jump to Deposit screen any time that happens. And also a Wallet link appeared on the Asset screen.

— Trade History and Order Book look perfect with the monospaced font, correct alignment, and equal decimals.

— It is now possible to tap on the available amount in the trading interface to set it in the “Spend” amount on Android.

— Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements included.

The new version is already available for download in Apple Store and Google Play Market.

Unfortunately, we had to temporarily delist some tokens from Cryptology exchange because of low activity to provide you the best service. You’ll still be able to trade CV, COB, and NGС paired with ETH. However, we promise much more tokens to come in the nearest future ????

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