Application Update v 1.2

Every big thing has to start somewhere.

Two weeks have passed since we launched our app. We have received a lot of positive feedback, and we are truly grateful for your support. We have found a number of minor bugs, and we did everything in our power to fix them as quickly as possible.

Today we have updated the application with the following changes:

— added BTC/ETH trading pair

— BCH pairs with EUR, USD, BTC

— added search and sorting options for instruments

— added Market depth to the Order book screen

— fixed bugs

— and, of course, a long-awaited update — eight new tokens were added: NGC, CXO, PBL, AIR, CV, EVE, DGPT, CAPP.

The new version is already available for download here.

We are grateful to the projects above that have provided us with support. We are confident that together we can achieve great things.

Please be informed that Cryptology doesn’t act as a liquidity provider for the listed tokens but as a marketplace to connect sell and buy sides so it could take longer for an order to be filled. However, we are going the extra mile to offer special conditions, which lovers of tokens should appreciate (attention: limited time offer!):

— 0% to withdraw tokens

— 0% trading fee for those who place limit orders paired with tokens.

If you are interested in being a market maker on our crypto exchange, contact us for special conditions —

We have received many questions regarding our listing policy. We do not charge a listing fee, and our priority is to support interesting projects (which at the same time have been thoroughly screened) that can contribute to the development of the crypto community. In the near future, we will also add prominent altcoins and plan to continue listing tokens. Please contact us with your suggestions.

We are working hard to make our product a truly worthy player on the cryptocurrency market in 2018. We will be glad to have you along for the ride.

Best regards,

Cryptology team

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