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H2: What is Phoenix?

The captivating synergy between Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology

In this era of rapid AI growth and blockchain development, teams are in search of the next innovative solution to ensure successful project execution.

The Phoenix protocol, a collaborative endeavor by APEX Network and Red Pulse Phoenix, came to fruition in Q2 of 2020.

Through fusing these two entities and the strategic utilization of their standout features, they birthed a robust infrastructure tailored for enterprises and their data, now known as Phoenix Global:

  • The enhanced infrastructure prioritizes data integrity and structure, along with interfaces thoughtfully designed for B2B companies and financial institutions.
  • This fusion unlocks greater potential for dApp development, thanks to the amalgamation of two communities before the merger.
  • You can harness liquidity for Phoenix through platforms like Binance and Cryptology

Phoenix offers an array of resources for developers, providing the flexibility to optimize projects to meet specific requirements:

  • Layer 1 - EVM compatibility for data-driven applications.
  • Computation Layer - Serving as a Layer 2 bridge, seamlessly connecting blockchains with mainstream AI frameworks.
  • Oracle - Offering customizable inputs to facilitate the linkage of external systems on-chain

The Phoenix ecosystem is robust, enhancing its utility in several key ways:

  • AlphaNet - An AI-powered blockchain data platform tailored for traders and investors.
  • NYBL - A metaverse experience employing AI for video processing.

Phoenix provides an array of opportunities for both users and development teams, spanning across various industries within web3. Could this be the blockchain's next groundbreaking project?

Buy, sell and trade Phoenix

The Phoenix token

PHB serves as the native currency of this project, and its token supply experiences an annual increase of 10%. Currently, this is distributed to users in the form of staking rewards.

Once Phoenix Oracle is fully operational, new deflationary mechanisms will come into play, dividing the 10% inflation as follows:

  • 5% will be allocated to running nodes and staking rewards.
  • 5% will be burned.

This approach maintains price fairness while simultaneously reducing the overall circulating supply to ensure scarcity, all without impeding the project's progress.

Holders of this cryptocurrency can also enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Stake to earn additional rewards and contribute to network development.
  2. Access utility across various projects and platforms within the Phoenix ecosystem.
  3. Act as a bridge, facilitating the transition between web2 and AI-driven web3.

Phoenix’s market stats:

  • Current market cap: $24,094,007
  • Circulating supply: 44,092,203 PHB
  • Max supply: 64,000,000 PHB
  • Twitter: 31,714 followers

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