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What is Skale?

Skale is a modular blockchain network designed to improve Ethereum’s scalability issues. 

No transaction fees. A scalable infrastructure. And built for all of Ethereum’s use cases. 

The leadership of Skale, helmed by Jack O'Holleran and Stan Kladko, possesses extensive expertise in both the business and academic spheres. Such a team with a wealth of experience serves as a true testament to the excellence of their offerings:

  • GameFi
  • Web3 
  • DeFi
  • dE-commerce

Having an execution layer like Skale is ideal for launching a multitude of use cases that were previously unattainable. 

And because it’s tailored to  the Ethereum network, Skale can harness all the advantages of its partner. Consequently, both blockchains thrive and contribute to the preservation of their ecosystems. Skale dApps can benefit from liquidity, transparency, rapid transactions, and staking.

Skale's team has shown their commitment to environmental concerns. They emerge at a time when climate change is a prominent topic of discussion.

Both Proof of Stake consensus and containerization are in action. Computational power is carefully delegated through Skale, ensuring energy consumption remains efficient.

All of this is achievable while running an unlimited number of blockchains, thanks to its open-source architecture. Decentralization, security, and efficiency will be the least of your concerns when utilizing the Skale platform.

Dreams can become reality with Skale. Their platform features a grant system for developers to secure funding for their next venture.

Skale is a valuable ally in the world of blockchain, and it's poised to become yours next!

Buy, sell and trade Skele

The Skale token

Skale introduces its proprietary token, SKL. To ensure cost-effectiveness and a seamless user experience, SKL's foundation is built upon a network load utilization curve. The implementation of this curve optimizes the balance between supply and demand, ultimately ensuring network stability.

The power of this strategy becomes apparent when you consider the absence of transaction fees and the limitless potential for blockchain development!

Developers are presented with the opportunity to rent SKALE chains for their decentralized applications (dApps), supported by SKL tokens. This approach facilitates fee-free transactions on the network, offering both organizations and developers substantial cost savings on their assets.

SLK is used across the Skale ecosystem for:

  • Staking tokens.
  • Purchasing developer subscriptions. 
  • Governing and voting on the network’s next steps.
  • Earning rewards as validators and delegators. 

Skale’s market stats:

  • Current market cap: $101,929,762
  • Circulating supply: 4,699,519,337 SKL
  • Max supply: 7,000,000,000 SKL
  • Twitter:  121,058 followers 

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