February 27, 2024

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What is Celo?

Build together and prosper thanks to Celo.

Celo scales Ethereum further past the blockchain and creates real-world utility for the network. It’s a carbon-negative, permissionless blockchain.

Users of Ethereum understand there may be speed issues along with the gas fees for transacting on the mainnet. Celo’s intuitive set up allows:

  • Transactions cost $0.0005 on average for gas fees.
  • Blocks are generated in 5 seconds.

Celo allows you to build effortlessly whether it’s a new or pre-existing project. Builders can begin building on Celo in a matter of minutes with Celo Composer. 

Cross-chain interoperability gives your dApps and tokens more use cases.

With this in mind, how exactly can Celo be used by developers and investors?

  • dApps - Over 1000 projects exist in the Celo ecosystem across 150+ countries.
  • Mobile first - Users can seamlessly use crypto and blockchain via their mobile thanks to Celo.
  • DeFi - Transparent and accessible payments giving users more currency options for their transactions.
  • NFTs - Empowering environmentally friendly approaches to digital collectibles.
  • Social awareness - DeFi services that allow communities and individuals prosper through inclusive services.

The likes of UniSwap and TATUM are using Celo. Will you be building with them for your team’s next project?

The Celo token

The native token for Celo is called CELO.

It’s an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum. CELO token is used to govern and stake on the network.

CELO’s market stats:

  • Current market cap: $378,680,670
  • Circulating supply: 527,877,912 CELO
  • Max supply: 1,000,000,000 CELO
  • Twitter: 195 followers 

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