December 3, 2023

ChainGPT Trading Competition

Win part of a prize pool worth $2000! 

We're excited to launch our first trading competition in collaboration with ChainGPT to celebrate the $CGPT token listing on Cryptology.

This new and exclusive trading competition is open between 30 November and 28 December, 2023. 

Are you ready to enter the arena?

How to win a trading competition

Entering our trading competition is easy! 

We’ve got three different tournaments depending on your skill level. So, whether you’re a crypto beginner or seasoned trader, you have a chance to win some free CGPT.

Deposit Tournament

Dates: November 30 - December 14
Prize pool:
$800 of CGPT

Buy as little as $10 of CGPT and you will be eligible to win a share of the $800 worth of CGPT prize pool!


The Weightlifter: The participant holding the largest amount of CGPT by the end of the competition wins the grand prize.

Grand Prize: $300 of CGPT

Early HODLers: 3 winners will each receive $100 of CGPT.

Simply buy and hold CGPT before Thursday, December 7, 2023, at 00:00 UTC, to be in with a chance to win one of these prizes worth $100!

Airdrops: We will be airdropping $20 of CGPT to 10 lucky winners, randomly selected. All you have to do is buy $10 or more of CGPT. 

Trading Tournament

Competitors battle it out with the top trading volume emerging victorious!

Dates: December 14 - December 28
Prize Pool:
$1000 of CGPT


Profit Pioneers: The top 3 traders with the highest trading volume over the competition duration win the main prizes.

  • 1st Place: $300 of CGPT
  • 2nd Place: $200 of CGPT
  • 3rd Place: $100 of CGPT

Weekly Winners: Prizes for those with the highest trading volume.

A total of $250 of CGPT will be divided among five winners, each one receiving $50 of CGPT.

Daily Degen Prize: Daily bonus prize for the highest trading volume achieved in a single day.

Each day of the competition there will be one winner who receives $10 of CGPT. And halfway through the competition one lucky winner will get $20 of CGPT.

What is a trading competition?

Trading competitions, also known as trading challenges, are mainly organized by CEXs and allow traders to win both crypto and cash prizes, exclusive offers, discounts, airdrops or other rewards. 

The goal of a trading competition or challenge is to earn the highest return on your investment. They allow professional and non-professional traders to participate in a competitive environment and demonstrate their trading skills, gain notoriety as well as the prizes on offer.


  • To participate in the deposit tournament, a minimum of $10 worth of CGPT at the time of buying must be purchased on Cryptology between November 30 and December 14, 2023.
  • The Weightlifter winner will be determined on December 14, 2023, at 12 PM UTC.
  • Early HODLER eligibility requires purchase before December 7, 2023, at 12 PM UTC.
  • Participation in the trading tournament is open to all, regardless of participation in the deposit competition.
  • Cryptology reserves the right to make final decisions on all competition matters.

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