Cryptology and partner for enhanced crypto staking

Cryptology is excited to announce our latest partnership with This collaboration not only enhances Cryptology’s product offering but also strengthens the wider staking ecosystem.

With supporting some of the most popular blockchains and as a leading validator, this new partnership means Cryptology will soon offer top tier staking solutions for ETH, DOT, KSM, NEAR, and GRT. This allows us to further serve our users with effective and affordable DeFi products, continuing our mission to help people across the globe make more of their finances.

Innovative staking for ETH, DOT and more

Combining the legacy of both organizations, we aim to deliver innovative staking for Ethereum, Polkadot and more, by placing user experience at the forefront of the process. 

Our platform’s laser focus on intuitive UX and user-friendliness, forged with’s robust infrastructure, means we are positioned to provide a seamless staking experience for crypto beginners and professionals alike. 

Improving access to crypto and DeFi

Breaking down the barriers to entry is key to both brands’ values, and this partnership will establish a safe and simple gateway to staking options for a range of high profile Proof of Stake tokens. 

And by offering both custodial and non-custodial options, we can ensure that the complexities of staking do not deter anyone from leveraging its benefits.

Make your funds go further

Get high yields on top cryptocurrencies and start earning today.

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