March 5, 2024

Welcome back Cryptologists!

We’ve had another busy week of token listings over on our exchange.

Below we have put together another Weekly Roundup to easily digest the top offerings we have for you. Be sure to check them all out with the honorable mentions as always been posted after our top picks. 

Happy trading!

1. Gamium ($GMM) - GMM/USDT

Our first pick of the bunch this week is Gamium.

Metaverse hype may seem like a thing of the past, however it’s only just getting started. 

Gamium is a metaverse company that aims to onboard businesses and individuals into the digital world through their array Genesis product. 

They also have Didit which is a digital decentralized identity app for users. It also operates in conjunction with businesses needs looking to utilize the blockchain



Number two on the list is TokenFi.

As the real world becomes more interconnected with the blockchain there is an established need for tokenizing Real World Assets. 

TokenFi gives you the ability to tokenize RWA and also the option to create your own crypto token. They’ve also generative AI tools for NFT collections too if that’s your 


3. Orion ($ORN) - ORN/USDT

Third place goes to Orion this week.

If DeFi is your thing then Orion will be a great addition to your portfolio. 

They’re a DEX that has a non-custodial infrastructure for traders of all abilities to enjoy. Both retail and institutional investors can get involved with unmatched liquidity and low fees.


4.Alpaca Finance ($ALPACA) - ALPACA/USDT

The fourth pick is Alpaca Finance.

If you’re a fan of the Binance Smart Chain and furry animals then this ones for you. It’s the largest lending protocol on the network 

Thanks to lenders earning safe and stable yields and borrowers offering undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions it’s safe to say Alpaca Finance is one of the most lucrative platforms for DeFi.


5.AdEx ($ADX) - ADX/USDT

Lastly we have added AdEx to our list!

Businesses can’t thrive online with solid advertising services and the same goes when on the blockchain. 

Enter AdEx the all in one decentralized advertising platform. It allows Web2 businesses and users to get in front of Web3 alternatives for mass onboarding and integration.

You can also use the AdEx ZK to reach audiences with targeted audiences. Imagine Google Ads but with Web3 in mind!


Honorable Mentions

Don’t forget to check out the other tokens from this week’s listings!

Have you found a new token from this week’s listings? Be sure to let us know!

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