March 15, 2024

Hey Cryptologists.

We have another Weekly Roundup of new token listings from our exchange. Get strapped in for another look into our unique token offerings spanning across the wider corners of the blockchain. 



HAPI takes our first pick for this week.

Fraud and maliciousness sadly run rampant on the blockchain often leaving people out of pocket. HAPI is here to turn frowns upside down with their on and off chain data modules, giving you all important information on attacks.

Artificial intelligence powers the HAPI protocol showing their commitment to not only keeping you safe but also innovative technologies.


2. Prosper ($PROS) - PROS/USDT

Number two on our list is Prosper.

If you like taking a chance when it comes to crypto then Prosper is the platform for you. It’s described as the “World's first prediction market”.

Take advantage of the selection of DeFi services to get the most out of crypto and the wider markets.



The third pick this week is SOLVE.

SOLVE is integrating healthcare and blockchain technology into one. Build your own digital health network. Healthcare services can be provided for your network along with the creation of decentralized applications.

Overall SOLVE creates a more streamlined healthcare process for both providers and patients thanks to the power of blockchain.


4. Ferrum Network ($FRM) - FRM/USDT

Ferrum Network takes our number four position.

This network helps to keep different blockchains connected through interoperability. You can conveniently build dApps and protocols on Ferrum and then once complete, launch them across different networks for increased utility.


5. AIOZ Network ($AIOZ) - AIOZ/USDT

The last spot this week goes to AIOZ Network.

It is a decentralized physical infrastructure provider that allows to store data, stream video content and build AI. This is an all in one package for businesses looking to take advantage of the next generation of technology for your own personal and business ventures.

AOIZ also has means to earn rewards by turning your computer into a node for the network.


Honorable Mentions

Check out the other tokens from this week’s listings below!

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