February 16, 2024

Hey there Cryptologists!

For those of you familiar with our platform then you know we list new tokens daily on our route to becoming the exchange with the largest tokens offerings!

Our Weekly Token Roundup is a way for us to show off all of the tokens that we have listed for that week. We want to efficiently inform you of new projects you can add to your portfolio and begin trading on Cryptology.

New Tokens Await You

So what tokens have we been listing this week at Cryptology? 

Below we have hand picked our favorite ones for you to check out from each day of this week. Who knows you may find a new addition to your portfolio!

1. Myria ($MYRIA) - MYRIA/USDT

Enter the next generation of gaming.

Myria is redefining the future of online games with their ecosystem.

If you are a game developer then Myria is the perfect Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum to build your new project.

2. Router Protocol ($ROUTE) - ROUTE_USDT

Next we have Router Protocol. 

This is a blockchain infrastructure provider that bridges the gap between Layer 1 and Layer 2 scaling solutions. 

At its core Router Protocol allows users to seamlessly swap their assets cross chain thanks to liquidity available on the platform.

3. AirTor Protocol ($ATOR) - ATOR/USDT

Our third pick of the bunch is AirTor Protocol

The blockchain is a way for your finances to be personal to you thanks to decentralization and AirTor does just this. It’s dubbed as the anonymity layer allowing an extra layer of security for your dApps. 

They have their very own physical product known as ATOR Relay which allows you to be active on the network and earn rewards!

4. Opulous ($OPUL) - OPUL/USDT

Opulous takes the number four spot this week.

Real World Assets are taking over the blockchain thanks to their utility off chain and in return can give you generous returns whilst on chain.

Opulous is a DeFi platform that lets your assets go to work to generate you new growth for your portfolio and more!

Honorable Mentions

Be sure to check out our other listed tokens below. We’ll have a token for everyone no matter the utility and use case!

Be sure to check back next week for our new token updates! Following us on socials and signing up for our free newsletter is the best way to keep in the loop on all token updates!

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Tom F.

Tom is one of the content managers here at Cryptology. While still fresh in his career he has been able to firmly place himself within the world of crypto and content creation, producing work for a number of publications including esports.net and The Times of Malta newspaper.