Learn About BitcoinZ And What Makes It Special

We recently listed the BitcoinZ token under the trading pair BTCZ/USDT. Here’s everything you need to know about the BTCZ community coin:

  • Fast, private and scalable
  • No central authority
  • 100% Proof of Work and minable by PCs
  • Zero fees so ideal for small transfers
  • 100% fair launch, no premine, no ICO
  • Immutable supply and emissions

What is BitcoinZ?

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency. It has the fundamentals of Bitcoin while also utilizing the ZCash core. Unlike Bitcoin, BitcoinZ offers privacy features with Zk-snarks cryptography and boasts considerably faster transaction speed. BTCZ has been designed with a maximum supply of 21 billion coins.

The BTCZ coin is community driven and decentralized with no owners. Similar to Bitcoin, BTCZ implements Proof of Work, making it a digital coin that’s minable with regular computers. The BTCZ Community encourages everyone to join and support the coin’s network through mining and usage.
It aims to provide adopters with an independent, uncensored network capable of fast, worldwide transactions with virtually zero cost for everyone.

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