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Our new crypto staking service is about to launch!

If you want to get more from your crypto, then our new staking service with competitive rewards provides you with the perfect option.

Don’t just HODL, make profit!

How does it work? Just let your crypto work for you

Staking cryptocurrency is one way you can boost your crypto holdings and create a passive income.

Proof of Stake blockchains such as Ethereum allow you to stake your cryptocurrency. You lock your assets onto the blockchain for an amount of time that you choose, and in return, you earn rewards.

Once locked up, your tokens are put to work on the blockchain, validating transactions and maintaining its performance. As a reward, you earn APR on your staked cryptocurrencies, which you then collect with our regular payouts.

You can easily stake your crypto through our custodial wallets for a secure and seamless experience.

Which cryptocurrency can I stake?

You can choose to stake a selection of cryptocurrencies including ETH, SOL, DOT, KSM and more

We offer competitive APR rates on all of our options, a safe and simple staking process, as well as 24/7 human support to give you peace of mind.

Keep your eyes on our social channels to discover exactly when Cryptology staking is launched!

Make your funds go further

Get high yields on top cryptocurrencies and start earning today.

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