July 5, 2024

Dmail is a decentralized email platform that offers secure, private, and censorship-resistant communication. Dmail ensures that users' emails are encrypted and stored on a distributed ledger, providing improved security compared to traditional email services. The platform aims to eliminate third-party access, preventing unauthorized monitoring and data breaches. Using smart contracts, Dmail also supports automated workflows and secure, verifiable transactions within the email ecosystem.

Dmail integrates several Web3 capabilities, allowing users to connect their decentralized identities (DIDs). In addition, Dmail.ai supports cross-chain interoperability, making it compatible with various blockchain networks and unlocking a wider range of decentralized communication use cases.

What is the DMAIL token?

DMAIL is the governance and utility token of the Dmail Network ecosystem, allowing the community and the team to develop, vote, and manage the network collaboratively. The token is essential for governance decisions, service payments, incentives, and staking to secure the network. 

DMAIL also supports various ecosystem services, promoting growth and decentralization. Fifty percent of the token supply is dedicated to incentivizing community builders and ecosystem partners, encouraging active participation and long-term development.

Here are some other things you need to know about the token:

  • Trading Volume (24h): The trading volume of DMAIL in the past 24 hours is $4,009,176.
  • Circulating Supply: The circulating supply of DMAIL is 41,942,020 tokens.
  • Total Supply: The total supply of DMAIL is 200,000,000 tokens.


Join the decentralized email revolution with Dmail and be part of the future of secure communication! Head over to our trading page and secure some DMAIL tokens.

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