March 20, 2024

Every year all industries take time to celebrate the contributions of women, and the vital role they play in making things happen in the workplace and beyond!

Crypto is no stranger to this and over the years it’s developed itself to become a meritocratic industry for all to get involved in.

To mark the occasion let’s jump deeper into International Women’s Day and what it means for the crypto industry!

Women and Crypto

The crypto bullrun of 2024 is well underway which means portfolio’s have been growing. 

In 2023 amidst the crypto down-trend it showed from an investing perspective that females were fond of crypto. 

At the time it was shown cryptocurrencies were the 2nd most invested asset class amongst women.

The survey showed how growing interest from women had also grown as the yearly quarters progressed leading into 2023. Going into 2023, 34% of women surveyed owned crypto which was up from 29%.

Women CEOs in Crypto

CEOs are the lifeline of a company.

They make important decisions, are often the face of it and ultimately are at the top of the hierarchy due to their leadership skills.

Only making up 6% of the CEOs in crypto according to a study conducted by Forex Suggest, doesn’t discredit the overall contributions they are making.

Whether they are thought leaders, advocating for blockchain from traditional industries or creating the products themselves women have a pivotal role that will only grow.

Women’s Contribution to Crypto 

These are our most notable picks from the industry and beyond concerning women and crypto!

Cathy Wood  

Cathy is the Chief Investment Officer and the Chief Executive Officer for ARK Foundation. 

This is an investment firm that mainly invests in emerging technologies. Their portfolio spans out to over $16 billion in value making them a main force in the world of investing and funds.

In relation to crypto, Wood and ARK are firm believers of its technologies, and that it has the opportunity to create an open foundation of strong assurances in wealth and monetary integrity.

Elizabeth Stark 

Second on our list we have the founder of Lightning Labs, Elizabeth Stark.

Lightning Labs are a technology company looking to enhance the Bitcoin network with faster transactions and overall more scalable infrastructure. This is known as the Lightning Network.

Stark has her hands in many other pies, including Coin Center, a leading policy organization for blockchain assets, and is an advisor for a number of other companies. 

Jinglan Wang 

Jinglan Wang is the CEO of Optimism PBC. 

This company has built the Optimistic Ethereum Network and the Optimistic Virtual Machine to scale Ethereum. Wang and her team’s work has revolutionized the blockchain and has in turn allowed for smart contracts and wider use cases for both individuals and businesses.

Alena Afanaseva

Our final pick of the bunch is Alena Afanaseva

Alena is the CEO and founder of BeInCrypto, one of the largest news publications in the crypto world.

BeInCrypto has allowed crypto newcomers to take on educating themselves with confidence thanks to their content production. Alena has also pledged to reduce the gender gap and represent women more in the corporate side of crypto through BeInCrypto!

Be sure to let us know on Twitter/X any female contributions you have seen in the industry. It can be someone from your favorite project or even your workplace

Happy International Women’s Day to all those that celebrate!

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