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What is Open Campus?

The Open Campus is the first community-driven protocol building a decentralized education campus. By harnessing blockchain technology The Open Campus is creating a fairer education system. 

Through decentralizating the creation, dissemination and promotion of educational content, the Open Campus Protocol provides students with access to more learning content while also empowering educators with new opportunities to monetize their content and get the credit for their contributions.

  • Creators distribute their educational content via the Open Campus Protocol, and thanks to Publish NFTs, they can earn revenue and offer promotional rights.
  • Communities can use the blockchain to fund, own and learn from educational content that fulfils their requirements.
  • Philanthropists can help projects they believe in through Smart Donations, and then track their donation on-chain for full transparency.

The Open Campus is supporting educators and learning content creators in their crucial position in shaping the future generations. And parents of students can gain better oversight and understanding of the educational content being consumed by their children.

The EDU Token

The $EDU token is a fungible token that powers the Open Campus Protocol. The $EDU token allows for greater collaboration, motivates creators to produce the highest quality content, and helps the long-term evolution of the protocol.

Built with educators and students in mind, the Open Campus Protocol aims to nurture a thriving and supportive education ecosystem via their $EDU token.

The market statistics for EDU are:

  • Current market cap: $145,546,042 USD
  • Circulating supply: 145,117,470 EDU coins
  • Max supply: 1,000,000,000 EDU coins
  • Twitter followers: 140,000
The EDU Token, Buy, sell and trade EDU!

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