Buy, sell and trade LMWR!

The LMWR token, Buy, sell and trade LMWR!

We’re happy to announce we now list LimeWire

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What is LimeWire?

LimeWire is a platform reshaping the creator economy. Empowering artists, musicians and other types of content creators to take control of their material, connect with their supporters and get paid for their passion projects.Artists, musicians, content creators, and even brands can form membership-based communities for their most dedicated fans. Through their platform, LimeWire is supporting artists and creators to build recurring revenue streams by providing a user-friendly framework for direct audience membership.

In turn, fans receive exclusive content, access to a closed community, the ability to directly interact with their favourite creators and brands, and become a part of their development.

Thanks to blockchain technology, LimeWire is making exclusive content and digital assets ownable and tradeable. This means fans can do more than just consume their top artist’s content but also to actively take part in the success and journey of the creators they love.

The LMWR token

LMWR is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain and embedded into the LimeWire ecosystem. It is created to provide a series of advantages for LMWR holders as well as to enhance the user and creator experiences on their network and services. 

In mid-2022, LimeWire successfully closed a $10.4M private pre-sale of the LMWR token with a healthy number of reputable partners and supporters. 

  • Current market cap: $9,848,600
  • Circulating supply: 41,821,549
  • Max supply: 938,045,267
  • Twitter followers: 153,000

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The LMWR token, Buy, sell and trade LMWR!

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