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The MBOX Token

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What is Mobox?

MOBOX is a gaming platform and metaverse that combines automated yield farming and gaming NFTs to create the MOMOverse. This cross-platform, multi-chain metaverse rewards GameFi players, developers and collectors for their engagement, creativity and participation in MOMOverse’s ecosystem.  

The MOBOX aim is to connect all the disparate NFT and gaming metaverses. With no singular, siloed ecosystem each metaverse will be interconnected, in turn giving every unique NFT more utility thanks to the interoperability between games and platforms.

The MBOX Token

The key utility token for the MOBOX-verse is MBOX. MOBOX had a fair launch in April 2021, before which there was no pre-sale or pre-seed, with a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The major use cases of MBOX tokens includes:

Governance: MBOX holders will be able to submit suggestions and vote on them in order to have a say on the platform’s development and direction.

In-game currency: User MBOX for in-game purchases like acquiring additional characters, lottery wheel, and incentives for in-game activity such as rewards for Player-versus-Player (PvP) battles and competitions.

Liquidity mining: Users can stake MBOX in the platform’s different liquidity pools across the Mobox ecosystem, or they can stake MOMO NFTs to earn rewards which are then paid in MBOX tokens.

NFT mystery boxes: Users can stake their MBOX, in the form of veMBOX, for an opportunity to gain unique MOMO NFT mystery boxes.


  • Minted by unlocking mystery boxes
  • Staked in a smart contract to mint MBOX tokens.
  • Bought, sold and traded on MOBOX’s NFT Marketplace.
  • Used across all the games in the Mobox metaverse.
  • NFTs are tiered according to their rarity and desirability.

MOBOX’s MBOX token market statistics:

  • Current market cap: $101,036,572 USD
  • Circulating supply: 188,578,554 MBOX coins
  • Max supply: 1,000,000,000 MBOX coins
  • Twitter followers: 329,000

MOBOX is a NFT gaming ecosystem that fuses DeFi yield farming with gaming NFTs, to establish a free play-to-earn GameFi model. MOBOX aims to connect different metaverses via NFTS, bringing on the dawn of a new era of NFT interoperability across different blockchain games and networks.

The MBOX Token MOBOX, Buy, sell and trade MBOX!

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