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What is Merit Circle?

Merit Circle is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) with a vision: to leverage blockchain technology to secure the future of immersive gaming.

By integrating the possibilities offered to gaming thanks to the blockchain, Merit Circle is ushering in a new era of web3 games that turns the time, energy and skills of gamers into ownership of those games. So control and governance of the games lies with the user rather than the developers.

The MC Token

The key utility token for the Merit Circle DAO is MC. The MC token’s value is derived from four key elements behind the Merit Circle DAO:

  1. Gaming – This provides the backbone to the Merit Circle DAO, which continues to expand its gaming ecosystem, assimilating the best web3 games while challenging the dated practices and incorporating the best blockchain has to offer. 
  2. Investments – Merit Circle DAO has invested in a number of promising web3 projects and retains a robust treasury that can sail the ever-changing tides of the crypto space, optimizing their resources to support continual growth and innovation. 
  3. Marketplace – Following the meteoric growth of NFTs in the web3 and metaverse games, Merit Circle launched their Sphere marketplace utilizing their experience and knowledge of gaming to make it the best fit for web3 gamers while keeping it accessible enough to attract new players. 
  4. Studio – From creating new games, to incubating the best web3 projects, Merit Circle’s studio allows the DAO to unleash its creative potential, launching new metaverse games and help nurture promising ideas. 

Market stats for Merit Circle DAO’s MC token:

  • Current market cap: $127,977,034 USD
  • Circulating supply: 379,613,478 MC coins
  • Max supply: 669,811,161 MC coins
  • Twitter followers: 106,000

Merit Circle has recently built their Beam blockchain in partnership with Avalanche. Beam is designed and developed specifically for gamers and gaming projects. This gaming-focused blockchain will further the DAO’s own products, and also be the go-to place for web3’s most innovative games.

Merit Circle - MC Token, Buy, sell and trade MC!

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