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What is SPACE ID?

SPACE ID is creating a full-service identity platform. Users can register, discover, trade and manage web3 identities and metaverse domains. By building a universal naming service based on the blockchain, SPACE ID is fast becoming the one-stop shop for digital identity. 

It offers a web3 register for users’ IDs across different chains including Ethereum, Polygon and BNB, and a name SDK (software development kit) for multi-chain developers. SPACE ID provides a way for everyone to create and control their web3 identity online. 

  • Discover – A hub to search for all names in top-level domains (TLD)
  • Register – Register names from name services 
  • Trade – SPACE ID acts as a marketplace for domain investors 
  • Manage – Access and edit all your web3 identities on one platform 
  • NFT – Non-Fungible Token collections integrated

The ID Token

ID is the governance token of SPACE ID. Owning the ID token allows investors to take an active role in the direction of the project. The ID token plays a key part in the evolution of the project, with ID token holders contributing to its governance and future. 

With user privacy and online identities being such an important talking point recently, SPACE ID is perfectly positioned to become the market leader in providing people with easy-to-use tools to manage their web3 identity.

  • Current market cap: $214,582,383 USD
  • Circulating supply: 304,486,111 ID coins
  • Max supply: 2,000,000,000 ID coins
  • Twitter followers: 505,000
SPACE ID token

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