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What is Stargate Finance?

Stargate Finance acts like a DEX allowing for seamless interoperability between different blockchains. With Stargate’s cross-chain liquidity protocol, users & dApps (decentralized applications) can quickly and easily transfer native assets from one blockchain to another, while also accessing the Stargate Finance protocol’s unified liquidity pools. 

Stargate is simplifying decentralized finance (DeFi) and tackling the bridging trilemma by unifying cross-chain processes such as liquidity transfer, making thse complicated multi-click processes single transactions for users. And thanks to Stargate’s instant finality, a transfer submitted on the source blockchain is guaranteed on the destination chain. 

Transfer: Users can swap native assets 1:1 cross-chain, accessing Stargate’s unified liquidity pools, with added flexibility and yield.

Pools: When users add liquidity to Stargate’s omnichain protocol they can earn stablecoin rewards on every transfer.

Farms: On Stargate, liquidity providers also have the opportunity to farm their tokens to receive STG token rewards and become a member of the Stargate community. 
Stake: When STG holders lock up their tokens they receive veSTG, and the longer users stake, the more veSTG they get.

The STG Token

STG is Stargate’s native token. STG helps secure the network via staking and protocol governance, liquidity provision and yield farming rewards. And Stargate’s unique transfer feature means users can swap native assets between blockchain networks. 

Previously, traders and investors that wish to swap USDT on BNB Chain for USDT on Ethereum would normally have to perform numerous different transactions, use a wrapping or bridging protocol, and probably have to pay gas fees. But with the Stargate DEX and STG token, this lengthy, convoluted process is reduced to a few clicks.

Here’s a snapshot of STG’s main market statistics:

  • Current market cap: $128,370,271 USD 
  • Circulating supply: 165,071,200 STG 
  • Max supply: 1,000,000,000 STG coins

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