Buy, Sell And Trade The AUDIO Token!

buy and trade new listing trading pair AUDIO/USDT, <strong>Buy, Sell And Trade The AUDIO Token!</strong>

We’re happy to announce we now list Audius’ AUDIO token

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What is Audius?

Audius is empowering musicians, producers and singer-songwriters everywhere. The fully decentralized music platform means creators can not only own their masters but part of the Audius platform too.

Audius and the AUDIO token at a glance:

  • Current market cap of AUDIO – $333,356,751 USD
  • AUDIO coins have a circulating supply of 983,958,163 AUDIO
  • Over 143K followers on Twitter
  • 320kbps music streaming quality for free
  • 37.5K Discord members

Built on Solana, Audius fixes the inefficiencies and unfairness of the traditional music industry. It tackles closed off and opaque music rights, masters ownership and gate-keeping intermediaries, all of which stand between artists, their royalties and their audience.

Using its native AUDIO token, Audius aligns the ambitions of artists with the interests of fans and the platform’s node operators. Artists upload their music, which is stored and distributed by the content and discovery nodes, and fans can then listen to it for free. 

Audius rewards musicians, producers and content creators through benefits such as featuring their tracks in the weekly trending lists, helping them get discovered by a wider audience, as well as via their AUDIO coin.

What’s special about Audius?

The platform connects fans directly to artists in a familiar and user-friendly music player interface. Resembling popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, Audius’ UX is clean and simple, easy to navigate even for people who aren’t tech-savvy. 

Users can upload, share and listen to new music while earning AUDIO tokens. Artists can create timestamped and immutable records for their creative works, stored on the blockchain and secured by a network of node operators who share the artists’ and Audius’ open, fair and anti-authoritarian philosophy.

What’s the future of Audius?

As a streaming and licensing service that is effectively operated and owned by its users through the in-platform economy driven by its AUDIO token, the future of Audius is entirely driven by the coin’s governance. Furthermore, everything about the project is governable, with voting weight directly correlated to $AUDIO staked for value-added services.

In the future, Audius hopes to integrate stablecoins for musicians to offer paid content for users, as well as artist tokens that give their most loyal fans the chance to access exclusive tracks and content, potentially cooperating with other platforms like Rally and expanding the economy around creators’ work.

Buy, sell and trade Audius’ AUDIO token on Cryptology today.

buy and trade new listing trading pair AUDIO/USDT, <strong>Buy, Sell And Trade The AUDIO Token!</strong>

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