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listing Verasity’s VRA token Spot trading of VRA/USDT, Buy, Sell And Trade The VRA Token!

We’re happy to announce we now list Verasity’s VRA token

📈 Spot trading of VRA/USDT is live!

What is Verasity?

Verasity and the VRA token at a glance:

  • Current market cap of VRA – $95,559,956 USD
  • VRA coins have a circulating supply of 10,343,094,362
  • Max supply of 110,305,680,354 VRA coins
  • Over 282K followers on Twitter
  • And 30K members in its Telegram group

Verasity is shaping the future of eSports, digital entertainment and advertising technology. They are pioneering the field with their Watch2Earn model. Whether you watch, play or work in eSports, users can earn and redeem digital rewards that are usable in the real world.  

Verasity has some huge partnerships with the biggest brands in eSports, including Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile and Athena Gaming, elevating the fan experience by layering superior gaming content onto state-of-the-art blockchain technology. 

$VRA is the digital currency created for the exchange and transfer of value in the eSports, variety gaming, NFT, and global video economies. Their commitment to transparency, accountability and their detailed roadmap means $VRA is currently held by over 300K VeraWallet users.

listing Verasity’s VRA token Spot trading of VRA/USDT, Buy, Sell And Trade The VRA Token!

What Is Special About Verasity And Its VRA Token?

  • Pioneering the Watch2Earn model
  • Blockchain-based AdTech leading the industry
  • Patented Proof-of-View ad-stack solution

Verasity is creating unlimited new potential for users, players, creators and games studios operating at the cross-section of gaming and crypto. Their Watch2Earn model will soon dominate the industry. Through in-game and out-of-game NFTs, esports fans, users and enthusiasts can be rewarded for watching, participating in and competing in their favourite games, conventions and tournaments.

As well as their eSports division, Verasity’s AdTech offering is leading the market in combating advertising fraud. Computer-generated advertisement interactions trick publishers and advertisers into believing that the engagement with a specific advert, video or piece of content is from a genuine user. 

VeraViews is an end-to-end ad-stack solution that combines the accountability and the transparency of the blockchain with the security of Verasity’s patented Proof of View technology. 

This unique solution uses patented Proof-of-View tech to record genuine, valid interactions on an ad or piece of content. This engagement data is then stored immutably on the blockchain so advertisers and content publishers only pay for real engagement on their campaigns, meaning agencies can make more informed decisions on their campaigns, and publishers get paid faster because the attribution data is both real-time and immutable. 

You can buy, sell and trade Verasity VRA on Cryptology today.

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