Cryptology Delisting of Cobinhood (COB), PAL Network (PAL), CarVertical (CV), NagaCoin (NGC), Havven (HAV), and nUSD Tokens

Dear Cryptologists,

To protect the interests of our valued users and provide top-quality services, Cryptology regularly performs market research and in-depth analysis of each asset listed on our platform to ensure that the project meets the high standard of quality and security.

Among all the criteria we consider the level of public activity towards the projects. Unfortunately, due to an insufficient interest in several projects contributing to factors such as weak liquidity and trading volumes, Cryptology has to announce that the following tokens will be delisted:

  • Cobinhood (COB)
  • PAL Network (PAL)
  • CarVertical (CV)
  • NagaCoin (NGC)
  • Havven (HAV)
  • nUSD

    The delisting process will occur as follows:

  • Delisting of trading pairs – 13 December 2018, 5pm (GMT+8) / 9am (UTC)
    -COB/ETH, PAL/ETH, PAL/BTC, CV/ETH, NGC/ETH, nUSD/BTC, nUSD/ETH, nUSD/USDT, HAV/BTC, HAV/ETH, HAV/USDT trading pairs will be disabled at 5 pm (GMT+8) / 9 am (UTC) on December 13, 2018.
    -All users should cancel their orders of the affected pairs from our platform. If the order is not canceled in time, the order will be cancelled by the system and the tokens will be credited to your trading account.
  • Deactivation of tokens wallet – 18 December 2018, 5pm (GMT+8) / 9am (UTC)
    -Cobinhood (COB), PAL Network (PAL), CarVertical (CV), NagaCoin (NGC), Havven (HAV), and nUSD wallets will be deactivated at 5pm (GMT+8) / 9am (UTC) on December 18, 2018.

    Important notice to all token holders
    We would like to kindly remind all token holders of COB, PAL, CV, NGC, HAV, and nUSD to withdraw your tokens immediately to other platforms or to your wallet. The withdrawals of the above tokens will be closed from 18 December 2018, 5pm (GMT+8) / 9am (UTC).

    Moving forward, we will remain committed to protecting our users and will continue to perform reviews of all listed coins and tokens.

    Thank you for your understanding and support!

    Risk Reminder:
    Investing in digital assets supposes high risks because of large price fluctuations. Before investing, please be aware of all the risks of investing in digital assets and be careful with your investment decisions.

    Cryptology Team
    12 December 2018