Cryptology Exchange Announces Reduction of Transaction Fee to 0.02%, the Lowest Among Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Being a goal-seeking start-up means revolutionizing the industry.

At Cryptology we share a mission to create an open financial system as well to provide a trustworthy, reliable and convenient service for all those looking ahead to the crypto future. We’re always working on a product and special features to offer an unforgettable experience. But this time we’ve prepared something different that will change the whole game.

Today, August 10, 2018, we are happy to announce the reduction of transaction fees from 0.2% to 0.02%, the lowest among cryptocurrency exchanges.

Compared to 4 other top cryptocurrency exchanges, our transaction fee is on average 86-90% lower. This is a part of our initiative to drive cryptocurrency adoption and make cryptocurrencies transactions easy and affordable for everyone.

Herbert Sim, Chief Marketing Officer of Cryptology says, “At Cryptology, the community remains our main priority and that is why we have one of the lowest transaction fees in the world. Through seamless cryptocurrencies and fiat transactions and affordable fees, we want to promote the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and make transacting cryptocurrencies simple and fuss-free for everyone.”

Operating in both web version and mobile application, enabling seamless transaction of cryptocurrency and fiat on a single platform, we make our platform suitable for newbies and experts as well.  You can check it yourself on