Cryptology Market Research Report (2018 Q1)

Cryptology Market Research Report (2018 Q1), Cryptology Market Research Report (2018 Q1)

The beginning of the year, January to March 2018, was an unpleasant surprise to all inexperienced crypto-fans in the market of blockchain and investments. The dramatic drop in the total capitalization of more than 2 times, a strong outflow of users, fall in the number of transactions on the network and the overall complexity of a legal side of the market – these are the things that might be unexpected just for amateurs.

Experienced market players and businessmen calmly took all that happened, as the market develops according to all laws of the development of the young market. At the same time, despite the negative trends in the general crypto market, a completely different picture is observed in the sphere of ICO.

So, we offer you to get acquainted with the main numbers and events of the Q1 of 2018. Because only when learning to analyze and see correlations, we start to understand the market and make it smarter and more mature.

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Cryptology Market Research Report (2018 Q1)