Cryptology Market Research Report (2018 Q2)

Cryptology Market Research Report (2018 Q2), Cryptology Market Research Report (2018 Q2)

Quarter 2 of the year, April to June 2018, is not pleasing for crypto amateurs with its outstanding raises, though, regardless of general negative messages on a pitiable state of the market, we offer you to focus on the main factors. The market is gradually, though not without troubles, refined. Within the last 3 months the price has not increased or decreased in 3 or 4 times. Speculators and people with few knowledge either disappear or get involved into the cryptosphere and become wiser.

More and more interesting projects and non-standard solutions appear. The traditional market starts looking in the crypto direction and governments become more pro blockchain from day to day. Though these are the blockchain technologies that gain respect everywhere and not cryptocurrencies still remaining a speculative tool.

On the other hand, the number of thefts and hack attacks dramatically increases. We will hope that next several years will bring noty only general legalization and implementation of blockchain but also will make the reinforcement of protection one the most important problem to solve.

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Cryptology Market Research Report (2018 Q2)