Cyber Security: All You Need to Know

, Cyber Security: All You Need to Know

Want to be experienced in crypto trading? Then you might be interested in our new article on cybersecurity with several useful tips and ideas.

As smart technologies develop in the financial sphere, new smarter types of fraud appear. Thus, the race between cyber criminals and cybersecurity specialists continues. Being high-speed and sometimes unpredictable it impacts real users, as the weakest link in the chain, who face the difficulties related to personal data security.

It seems that the most important about modern technologies is not to start using them in everyday life but to do it as securely as possible. That requires special habits people need to acquire, that is, awareness and attentiveness, in other words, basic rules of cyber hygiene. As the key problem is not hackers but so-called social engineering, capable of stealing data from naive and gullible users. The scenario is typical. A cheater pretended to be a bank representative or government official requests bank card details, single-use parole or personal data from a user.

To prevent your data from being stolen by cheaters, have a look at our Cyber Security Checklist!

– 2FA on all accounts

– No 2FA via SMS

– Pin only access to the mobile phone provider

– 2FA on all email accounts

– 2FA on withdrawals & trades if possible

Trading on others advice is the best way to lose money. There are respected names in the community but even they get it wrong. If you’re new, its best to paper trade (trade without real money) if you can prove you make money consistently for 6 months, then you’re ready to trade with real money. Margin trading is for people who know what they’re doing, if you don’t, it’s the quickest money you will ever lose.

Warning & Disclaimer

– Cloud mining sites are largely scams;

– Pump & Dump groups are scams;

– All HYIP’s & MLM’s are scams, you will get banned from all groups if you are found participating or sharing HYIP/MLM links, don’t make money out of scamming others, learn to trade;

– There are scammers posing as well known members on telegram private messaging people asking for money, please don’t send;

– Don’t open files posted in these groups;

– Careful about clicking on 3rd party links, these can easily be malicious;

Be aware of new rules in cybersecurity and enjoy smart trading. Comment and share your own tips!

Yours, Cryptology.