Faith Tribe token on Cryptology!

, Faith Tribe token on Cryptology!

📢  Cryptology is thrilled to announce listing of the Faith Tribe token under the trading pair FTRB/USDT. Trade, deposit or withdraw FTRB on Cryptology now!

What is Faith Tribe?

Faith Tribe democratizes fashion in the metaverse and the physical realm. It is a collaborative open-source fashion design platform that empowers and rewards independent creators.

How can I use FTRB?

Governance, utility and payment token that gives access to our open-source design platform, an end-to-end experience which provides a digital business-in-a-box for fashion designers to collaborate, create, mint, fund, manufacture, distribute and track their assets in both the physical realm and the metaverse, as well as for the purchase of clothing and staking.

  1. Access to Designer Studio, core end-to-end experience for the community which provides a digital business-in-a-box for creators (collaborate, create/design, mint physical or digital NFT, fund, manufacture, distribute and track).

  2. Access to on-demand manufacturing, marketing and sales through our marketplace partners and roster of influencers and celebrities.

  3. Contribute to liquidity pools to support creators crowd funding for the design and/or physical production of a single or collection of assets.

  4. Vote through a mass-crowd voting system for garments or collections to go into physical production.

  5. Benefit from a guaranteed discount and the right to purchase digital and physical assets at cost from both the NFT marketplace and the Faith Connexion brand store.

  6. FTRB holders will be able to stake their tokens to receive platform-related benefits and rewards.

Why should people hold the token?

We are targeting the creative community of designers and artists in the fashion world who will extract more value from holding onto their tokens than selling them since access to functions of our designer studio are permissioned through the possession of a minimum of FTRB tokens. There is an incentive for the core community to hold onto a minimum number of tokens.

How can I stake FTRB?
Choose the duration of the staking period and enjoy high-yield APY! 

  • 1 month — 100% APY
  • 3 months — 105% APY
  • 6 months — 110% APY
  • 12 months — 150% APY

You can start making profits the next day after you have made a deposit. The profit can be redeemed in full after the end of the lockup period.

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Risk Warning
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