The First Cryptocurrency Exchange To Combine Tokens With Easy Bank Card Transactions

Here at Cryptology, we fully understand the complexity of issues relating to cryptocurrency trading. Our main goal is to offer a trustworthy, reliable and convenient service for all those looking ahead into crypto future.

Let’s start with a short Q&A session to give you an idea of who we are and our plans.

Q: Who are we?

A: We are a team of crypto enthusiasts looking for ways to offer mass access to the crypto market through a marketplace that would cater to all your needs at once.

Q: What are the problems we are looking to solve?

A: Complexity of fiat transactions, hard-to-get rare tokens, high commissions, sluggish and complicated account verification, inactive customer support, lack of security, cluttered interface… and much more.

Q: What makes our product unique?

A: Our main goal is to simplify the digital & fiat currency exchange transactions for all users. We strive to create a single platform bringing together fiat transactions and a variety of tokens. Complex procedures will become a thing of the past, as users will be able to buy tokens with fiat currencies. Everything you need will be available on a single platform. You won’t have to deal with high commissions on fiat transactions, difficult KYC procedures and slow support.

Our key advantage is our own payment system that allows us to manage fiat transactions and offer our users competitive service fees.

Plus, we are offering a zero commission on bank card deposits after the launch of our customer service! (limited time offer)

We are the first exchange to charge zero fees on card deposits. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Q: What is our one year plan?

A: Product. Our priority focus is on mobile apps as we believe that the marketplace should be easily accessible from wherever you are. The web platform will follow shortly.

Cryptos. We will be serving Bitcoin and Ethereum from the outset. We will be adding major cryptos such as LTC, BCH and others shortly afterwards.

Tokens. We are already working on Erc20 token integration and will start offering altcoins ASAP. You’ll be able to influence our listing priorities directly through a voting system that we will implement.

Margin trading. We are planning to start offering margin trading as soon as we have assessed all the risks and made the system safe for you.

Markets. Our goal is to create a truly international cryptocurrency exchange. We will start offering our services to users in Europe. We are already working on an expansion to the Japanese and US markets. We do not restrict our geos, so users from all over the globe are welcome.

Verification. 30 seconds for 1st stage verification, so you can start trading right away.

Q: When are we going live?

A: We are planning to start accepting first traders within the next 2 weeks. Our mobile apps will be available via Google Play and App Store.

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