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web3, Infam (INF) 0% Trading Fees Special Offer
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What is Infam crypto and the INF token?

Infam is the first Web3 marketing analytics platform. And INF is the native token for Infam.

  • Current market cap of INF – $277,272 USD
  • Max supply of INF – 10,000,000 coins
  • INF coins have a circulating supply of 1,686,350 

Infam is a ranking platform that provides full partner analytics, deals execution and quality control, aimed primarily at Web3 marketing professionals and FinTech startups.

The main goal of the platform is to create transparent and honest relationships between partners. This is without intermediaries, and so eliminates fraud and poor performance. 

Find the best crypto and Web3 projects

Investors can find the best crypto projects – rated, ranked and verified by the Infam analytics platform. In turn, Web3 projects can find top tier influencers, ambassadors and marketing pros to work with, thanks to the same ranking system.

So with the help of Infam, interested parties can find quality partnerships in a few minutes. Users can remain confident in the party’s reliability and competence because the platform carefully selects suitable affiliates based on their verified rating.

What makes Infam special?

This open and transparent marketing analytics platform is based on blockchain technology and allows for easy and secure communications between crypto pros. This includes: 

  • Retail and Institutional Investors
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Web3 Projects
  • Ambassadors
  • FinTech StartUps

Infam is set to revolutionize marketing and cryptocurrency with its open and transparent analytics platform. Using blockchain technology, Infam’s innovative rating system means users can search for projects, influencers and key opinion leaders relevant to their requirements

These users are reviewed and ranked depending on their previous performance. This ranking system makes it quick and easy to find the best individuals Web3 has to offer.

In a similar way, Web3 projects and startups can find top influencers, marketing professionals and key opinion leaders. All these uses will also be rated and ranked. Finding verified pros for your crypto project has never been simpler or more convenient.

And the Infam ecosystem is governed by the INF token, available to buy, sell and trade on our trusted exchange.

Buy, sell and trade INF on Cryptology

web3, Infam (INF) 0% Trading Fees Special Offer

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