Margin Trading Launched on Cryptology Exchange: Greater Income with No Extra Investments

, Margin Trading Launched on Cryptology Exchange: Greater Income with No Extra Investments

Ever felt like a bunch of opportunities are out of grasp because of limited funds? Think otherwise when you do margin trading.

Today Cryptology is releasing margin trading, making it more convenient for users to obtain higher revenue and upgrade their trading skills. In the one year since it has been launched, trading on Cryptology can be done on both web and mobile and is similarly used by newbies and experts.

What makes margin trading work? When trading on margin, it opens doors to trading more than you could afford if only using your own funds. Borrowing funds allows traders to make a greater profit, however, at the same time risking to lose more. Bear in mind that margin trading involves high risks.

Briefly speaking, trading on margin means:

  • Providing you with more trading options
  • Allowing you to use borrowed money to enlarge a trade volume and the final revenue
  • Enabling you to invest by offering funding to other users and earning money in a safe way

The new feature is closely related with a funding option, which allows funders to lend their money to margin traders in exchange for a possibility to earn a certain level of interest on the funds lent.

Margin Trading Opportunities on Cryptology
Currently, on Cryptology users can margin trade BTC/EURO and ETH/EUR, with leverage up to 5-times and 10-times. More trading pairs will be announced in the nearest future.

To better understand how you can trade on margin, read our How to Trade on Margin guide

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Investing in digital assets supposes high risks due to large price fluctuations. Before investing, please be aware of all the risks of investing in digital assets and be careful with your investment decisions.