Market Research Q3 Report: Peak performance of indexes, new smart projects and continued industry recognition

There’s plenty to mull over with the latest results from Quarter 3 2018. The data does not seem entirely positive with a lack-lustre performance that stays comparatively stagnant against the previous year’s indicators.

However, within the last 3 months, we see startling peak performances such as that of the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting a high note. As that was the same day the cryptocurrency sector saw a US$25 billion surge, it shows the dynamism between the traditional stock market and cryptocurrency activity.

This quarter is also characterized by new smart projects looking to be implemented both in government bodies and the private sphere. These projects typically remain related to blockchain technologies and have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies being regarded as a speculative tool. As countries create their own national cryptocurrency in an attempt to attract the community and boost their inert economy, this keeps the creation of projects and new policies at a constant.

Amateurs in the crypto space remain a rarity as the sector continues to gain more recognition and exposure, making it a more vibrant sector to be part of for both investors and talent.

Download the report here:

Q3 Market Research Report