New Listing: Cryptology Adds BTCZ/USDT Trading Pair

, New Listing: Cryptology Adds BTCZ/USDT Trading Pair

Cryptology is thrilled to announce the listing of BITCOINZ (BTCZ) under the trading pair BTCZ/USDT.

🔹Trading pair: BTCZ/USDT

🔹Trading starts: on 11:00 Nov 8th, 2022 UTC

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Project introduction:

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency, it has the fundamentals of the well known Bitcoin cryptocurrency. BitcoinZ is technically utilizing the ZCash core, offering privacy features (something that Bitcoin does not do) with the Zk-snarks cryptography and is achieving considerably faster transaction speed. BTCZ coin has been designed with a maximum supply of 21 billion coins.

The BTCZ coin  is community driven and it has no owners. The BTCZ implements the Proof of Work approach, it is a minable digital coin. The BTCZ Community encourages everyone to join and support the coin’s network through the mining procedure. It is ideologically based with a noble cause, targeting to offer worldwide free transactions with virtually zero cost for all.

Project details:

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Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. Cryptology will make its best efforts to choose high-quality tokens, but will not be responsible for your investment losses. As a digital asset trading platform that respects the community, Cryptology adheres to the principle of truthful, transparent and fair trading, with no malicious intent. We are committed to providing users with a service that is safer, more efficient, and more reliable for the trading of digital assets.