New Listing: Cryptology Adds TMM/USDT Trading Pair

, New Listing: Cryptology Adds TMM/USDT Trading Pair

We are pleased to announce the newest token listing on Cryptology: Take My Muffin (TMM). The trading pair of TMM/USDT will be available on the spot market on November 15, 2021 at 11:00  UTC.


Project introduction:

Take My Muffin is the first 18+ (adult) animated series in the history of the Internet, which is being created entirely with the financial support of the cryptocommunity through the sale of NFT tokens, crypto-partnerships and the sale of crypto-tokens of the series itself.

The TMM token is a governance token of the Take My Muffin project, providing voting rights, as well as a utility token, which gives the right to pre-release access to the series, generative NFTs minting, access to the closed materials of the website. The TMM token allows administrative and strategic decisions to be made by voting. However, investors cannot influence the creative component. Strategic decisions are made by all crypto-participants.

Project details:
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Cryptology Team

Risk Warning

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