New Listing: Cryptology Adds TON/USDT Trading Pair

, <strong>New Listing: Cryptology Adds TON/USDT Trading Pair</strong>

We are welcoming the TONCOIN (TON) to Cryptology Exchange.

🔹Trading pair: TON/USDT

Toncoin was designed to fuel the ecosystem. It can be used to build decentralized applications (dApps), act as a transaction processing fee, as a cross-chain transaction fee, and as a staking payment to secure the blockchain and services. 

TON has a multi-level structure built on the principle of sharding or segmentation (“blockchain within a blockchain”). A sharding feature involves the use of multiple subnets (shards) on the same blockchain, where each shard has a specific purpose. It allows the net to avoid the accumulation of unverified blocks and speeds up tasks. The TON network consists of the master, work and shard chains.

Toncoin — the TON network native token has a circulating supply of 1.22B TON and a maximum supply of 5B TON.

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