New look, New Times Ahead

New look, new times ahead, New look, New Times Ahead

We’re all used to the fast changes and agility need to adapt in the blockchain space. Our change in logo signals new heights to be scaled and new goals to be attained. Revamping our brand allows us to reposition ourselves as a community-centric exchange.

Cryptology looks forward to sustained growth and community partnerships in a new era, which recognises cryptocurrencies as a new asset class and is accepted by international regulatory frameworks.

Herbert Sim, Chief Commercial Officer of Cryptology Exchange said, “We are pleased to unveil Cryptology’s new logo to all our users, partners and communities.”

“Inspired by a dragon, Cryptology’s new logo signifies the growth and evolution of Cryptology exchange.

The new logo marks the beginning of some very exciting plans for Cryptology and what is to come next specially for our valued communities.”