Official Web Platform Launch!

Hi, Cryptologists!

We have great news for you this day.

Today, we are officially announcing the Cryptology web platform launch! Now you can experience even more convenient trading right on your PC.

Here you can find a short explanation of our web dashboard for an easy start.


Official Web Platform Launch!, Official Web Platform Launch!

To start trading you need to select an Exchange tab from the menu above and choose an asset to be exchanged. Then you can select the trading pair you want to evaluate and use on the exchange platform. After clicking on your preferred trading pair, you’ll see the updated charts, order book, trade history, order pair, and the balance amount.

During the launch trading pairs are:




Order Book

Once a trading pair is chosen you can see its Order Book and Trade History below the ticker.

Sell orders (red colored Prices) are in the box at the top. An order to sell is also named an “ask.” Buy orders are in the box on the bottom (green colored Prices). An order to buy is also named a “bid.”

The Spread divides the two parts. Its amount demonstrates the difference between the highest bid and the lowest ask.

Trade history

The Trade History panel is the report on all transaction of all users. All transactions on the blockchain are recorded online and demonstrated in its full history.

Price chart

Explore the convenient trading on Cryptology with the help of our price chart. We offer 2 graph types: price and depth. In general, it is alive graphical display of prices and market data for the selected currency. You can set a graph or candle view and specify the period for your convenience.

Order types

We offer both market and limit orders for experienced traders:

Market orders

In order to get an instant execution, you’ll need to place a market order at the current price. Specify the size of your order in the “Get” field and you should also be able to see the current Market Price and the Total Price of your order. By clicking the respective button choose to “Buy” or “Sell”. Being carried out instantly market orders cannot be canceled.

Limit orders

If you need to specify a maximum or minimum price at which you want to buy or sell, choose Limit. Switch to “Limit order” and specify the size of your order in the “Get” field. After that on the “Price” field specify the price you want to set your order in. The Total Price of your order will also be shown. By clicking the respective button choose to “Buy” or “Sell”.

Orders (Transaction History)

Official Web Platform Launch!, Official Web Platform Launch!

Orders section which is above the charts shows all executed market, limit, or stop orders to buy or sell, whether successful or not.

Open orders tab shows orders that are about to be executed. Executed tab shows all finished transactions. Both tabs are may be used to check your orders’ pair, type, price, amount, status, and if placed or not.


Official Web Platform Launch!, Official Web Platform Launch!

Click on the Wallet tab above to manage your portfolio. There you’ll find:

– Total estimated value,

– Fiat and cryptocurrency balances

– Deposit/withdrawal options (including SEPA bank transfers and credit cards)

– Wallet history


This section will allow you to set your Base Asset and verification level.

Moreover, we have signed an agreement to enable bank transfer operations! Starting from now you can deposit and withdraw EUR to your balance with SEPA. This option is already available on our web terminal.

We’re happy to onboard our first traders on Start now!

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