Referral Programme: 3 Advantages of Inviting Your Friends

, Referral Programme: 3 Advantages of Inviting Your Friends

We tend to share with our friends and relatives what is useful and appreciate when our friends do the same. We also would hardly recommend anything we doubt or consider inappropriate.

So what if we could receive money for giving helpful recommendations? You advise a friend a nice restaurant and earn a certain interest from every bill your friend pays! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

That’s how it works on Cryptology, as easy as can be! You refer a friend or an acquaintance and get 30% of the trading fee. All you need is to send a link to that person and to wait for the first trade. The more your friend trades the more you receive.

What Are the Advantages?

  • A bonus of up to 30% of the trading fee.
    Each time a person referred by you carries out a trade, you are rewarded with 30% of the commission.
  • An unlimited number of referrals.
    You can refer any number of persons you wish. That means that the number of rewards is not limited too.
  • A possibility to get rewarded within three months more.
    You get your interest each time a referred person makes a trade during three months starting from his or her registration.

    How Does It Work?

    To participate in the Referral Programme, copy the referral code or referral link and share it with your friends. Each time a referred person makes a trade, you receive your bonus which is paid in the currency of the trading fee. You can get bonuses within three months starting from the registration of a referred person. The number of referrals is not limited and does not depend on the verification status of your account. Invite friends and get bonuses!
    The more referrals you do, the more money you receive!

    For more info please see our Referral Programme Guide.

    Cryptology reserves the right to adjust or change the referral programme rules at any time.