Reward Distribution for “BTC Pizza Day Contest”

Dear Cryptologists,

The “BTC Pizza Day Contest” activity has concluded successfully. Here are the winners of the contest:

1 Rank: ra***movbusiness@****.ru 300 USDT
2 Rank: an***6500@****.com 100 USDT
3 Rank: Os***ova511@****.com 50 USDT

4-7 Ranks:


Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks a lot for participating in the contest.

We’d like to share the best stories about crypto purchase:

Oh, that was funny, I first heard about bitcoin back in 2016, then a friend told me, dude, new money appeared, this is bitcoin! I then said, come on, what kind of money, then he offered me to take one bitcoin for two for $400 🙈 ehh, it’s a pity that we still didn’t take it)) but, after that already in 2019, when I already forgot about bitcoin for a while, my business partners from another country offered me to invest in an offline business in the form of 4 bitcoins, then its price was $ 10,500, this was actually my first purchase and sale of bitcoin) thanks for your attention! all success!


The story of how I bought cryptocurrency for the first time through p2p. I decided to try to buy usdt through the p2p service. It seemed to me easier and more profitable than the exchanger, the more the commission was zero. I chose my bank, created an order, but due to my inattention I did not pay attention to the fact that the order is only relevant for 15 minutes. I bought 300 USDT, took the seller’s details and went to the bank’s application to make the transfer. And then the application froze, I had to wait, restart the phone. After that, I transferred the money, but when I entered the exchange again, there was no order. It was canceled because time has run out. My money went to a person on his card, I was prompted to write to this person in the exchange chat, suddenly he will return me money or cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer. It was my mistake, but still, this failed purchase was remembered to me as an experience. Now I carefully read the conditions. 😊😊😊


Stay tuned more contest are coming soon.

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