TOP-10 Crypto for 2018

Everybody knows the names of these projects, but only a few realize what is behind them. Therefore we’ve decided to make an overview of TOP 10 most successful and popular projects.


BTC is a leading digital currency. The digital asset was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin ATMs are installed in all parts of the world allowing to exchange bitcoins and cash. This fact proves its wide acceptance in the market. There are many high-profile companies all over the world accepting BTC as a currency, such as, Reddit, Microsoft, and etc.

Within a year its price increased by 240 %, from $2 218,63 to $7 548,56.


ETH is a rising star in the crypto world being the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Its creator is a Russian-Canadian programmer, Vitalik Buterin. In contrast to Bitcoin, Ethereum uses smart contract technology. Ether is considered to be the most popular coin in India.

Within a year its price increased by 140 %, from $235,25 to $574,07.


XRP was created in 2012 based on Ryan Fugger’s concepts. One of the peculiarities of the Ripple protocol is its consensus ledger. Ripple is integrated in such companies as Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, National Australia Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, UBS, UniCredit Group, and etc. It is especially popular in Asian countries.

Within a year its price increased by 121 %, from $0,292 to $0,645.

Bitcoin Cash

BCH is a Bitcoin fork emerged due to splitting of Bitcoin on August 1, 2017 to make transactions faster and fees lower. Thus, at the time of the fork anyone who has already had Bitcoins became the owners of the same amount of Bitcoin Cash.

From July 23, 2017 its price increased by 98 %, from $555,89 to $1102,39.


EOS was created as a smart contract platform for decentralized apps by team in July of 2017. To ensure wide distribution of the native token at the launch of the blockchain, one billion tokens are being distributed on the ethereum blockchain so that anyone can launch EOS blockchain. The aim of the platform is to provide decentralized apps hosting, use smart contracts and solve the scalability issues of such blockchains as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

From July 1, 2017 its price increased by 1072 %, from $1,03 to $12,07.


LTC is another Bitcoin fork technically similar to BTC. Its original author is Charlie Lee. Among the companies adopting Litecoin are Surf Air and TapJets.

Within a year its price increased by 315 %, from $28,43 to $117,86.


It is a distributed platform running blockchain for the Ada cryptocurrency. It was created by Input Output Hong Kong and led by Charles Hoskinson, former co-founder of BitShares, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Cardano was released in September of 2017.

From October 1, 2017 its price increased by 1000%, from $0,02 to $0,22.


Stellar is an open-source protocol value exchange established in 2014 by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. The platform is a distributed ledger maintained by a consensus algorithm. Its native currency is Lumen. Such companies as Deloitеe, Parkway Projects and TEMPO Money Transfer are building innovative services based on Stellar network.

Within a year its price increased by 639 %, from $0,039 to $0,288.


IOTA token is a currency to transact on IOTA’s distributed ledger. IOTA Foundation was established in 2015 in Germany by Dominik Scheiner and David Sønstebø. It is designed for the Internet of Things, as its official website says. One of the main features of IOTA Foundation is Tangle technology in contrast to blockchain used by Bitcoin. The Tangle solves two problems faced by blockchain, that is, scalability and transaction fee issues. Besides, Norwegian DNB ASA, a key player in the Nordic financial ecosystem, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IOTA Foundation to “explore the new digital innovation landscape made possible by the Iota Tangle technology”.

From June 13, 2017 its price increased by 171 % from $0,638503 to $1,73.


TRON is a newcomer. Its main net launched on the 31st of May. Presently TRON is much advertised just like before its project’s test net launch. The token migration from the Ethereum network to a new one is awaited in June of 2018. Many exchanges from around the world are coming forward to list TRX on the platform. Malta and Indonesia are the biggest expansion schemes from Tron. Justin Sun, creator of the project, seeks to acquire BitTorrent Inc always focused on decentralized peer-to-peer file transfer technology. The plan is yet unclear. The letter of agreement was signed in January of 2018 though the acquisition has not yet happened.

From September 13, 2017 its price increased by 2783 % from $0,002051 to $0,059118.

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