Time to start a new chapter

, WE&#8217;VE REBRANDED<br>Time to start a new chapter

Dear Cryptologists,

Starting from 2022-10-17, Cryptology’s visual style has been updated. The changes will mainly affect the colors of the brand: the old pallete with prevailing yellow on black will give way to new color combinations based on green to grey gradients. Cryptology logo, website and app interfaces, and the look and feel of our social media pages and content are among other brand assets being updated.

The new style based on the synthesis of 3D and flat graphics, clean colors, bright neon accents, and see-through materials symbolizes transparency, technical excellence, and innovation. “We want our clients to feel like being in a crypto laboratory where they dissect their assets and watch them change, empowered by Cryptology’s handy tools. All processes occur in real time, so they can watch them like fascinating chemical processes”, Lev Goncharenko, Cryptology’s Design lead comments.

Our logo and style have changed but our mission and values remain the same: providing reliable and secure financial instruments for crypto users with all risk profiles.

Visit www.cryptology.com to explore the NEW Cryptology look.
If you have any questions, please contact us via support@cryprology.com

Thanking you and congratulations on starting a new chapter with us!
The Cryptology team.