Winners List of MVL Trading Campaign – 19 Sept to 27 Sept 2018, 12am (UTC+3)

Hi Cryptologists!

, Winners List of MVL Trading Campaign – 19 Sept to 27 Sept 2018, 12am (UTC+3)

Cryptology is pleased to announce the winners of the MVL Trading Campaign, 19 Sept 2018, 12am (UTC+3) to 27 Sept 2018, 12am (UTC+3)  with the prize pool of a total of 3,000,000 MVL tokens. TOP 5 winners based on net buys (total buy volume – total sell volume) will share 2,000,000 MVL. Here are their UIDs and total net buys:


, Winners List of MVL Trading Campaign – 19 Sept to 27 Sept 2018, 12am (UTC+3)


As previously announced those who have made a minimum of three trades for MVL/BTC, share the prize pool of 1,000,000 MVL tokens, which are distributed equally to all participants. Tokens will be deposited to winners’ Cryptology account within 3 working days.


In total there are 244 eligible participants and each will receive 4,098 MVL.


, Winners List of MVL Trading Campaign – 19 Sept to 27 Sept 2018, 12am (UTC+3)


Here are the UIDs of the winners:


121-XXX-934 979-XXX-52 979-XXX-74 224-XXX-564 590-XXX-34
121-XXX-302 379-XXX-18 224-XXX-850 157-XXX-739 379-XXX-34
224-XXX-548 198-XXX-907 181-XXX-480 105-XXX-233 105-XXX-212
811-XXX-67 151-XXX-92 811-XXX-22 157-XXX-590 181-XXX-432
979-XXX-11 224-XXX-931 181-XXX-966 811-XXX-27 224-XXX-484
224-XXX-186 379-XXX-37 157-XXX-127 157-XXX-404 153-XXX-86
105-XXX-699 379-XXX-04 148-XXX-261 198-XXX-654 198-XXX-638
224-XXX-445 148-XXX-621 105-XXX-169 590-XXX-70 148-XXX-319
105-XXX-180 979-XXX-74 590-XXX-58 148-XXX-351 105-XXX-736
121-XXX-633 198-XXX-714 157-XXX-735 121-XXX-902 379-XXX-27
155-XXX-14 157-XXX-500 105-XXX-793 590-XXX-54 181-XXX-507
181-XXX-822 150-XXX-46 121-XXX-640 148-XXX-662 224-XXX-509
379-XXX-12 105-XXX-417 590-XXX-62 590-XXX-31 224-XXX-541
590-XXX-70 811-XXX-15 224-XXX-330 148-XXX-965 379-XXX-44
198-XXX-069 979-XXX-33 105-XXX-185 590-XXX-53 152-XXX-92
224-XXX-521 979-XXX-90 105-XXX-121 157-XXX-492 181-XXX-568
157-XXX-702 224-XXX-189 157-XXX-355 979-XXX-79 121-XXX-367
198-XXX-861 121-XXX-644 105-XXX-103 979-XXX-91 157-XXX-895
590-XXX-59 148-XXX-493 157-XXX-115 157-XXX-700 811-XXX-53
121-XXX-736 379-XXX-04 103-XXX-66 811-XXX-43 148-XXX-207
198-XXX-877 811-XXX-12 181-XXX-918 379-XXX-96 157-XXX-143
224-XXX-266 105-XXX-024 721-XXX-4 148-XXX-191 979-XXX-79
811-XXX-27 105-XXX-084 157-XXX-557 379-XXX-21 979-XXX-26
157-XXX-452 121-XXX-206 157-XXX-128 181-XXX-950 590-XXX-56
979-XXX-18 105-XXX-472 121-XXX-688 121-XXX-125 379-XXX-59
121-XXX-442 181-XXX-000 590-XXX-90 153-XXX-00 157-XXX-670
811-XXX-05 979-XXX-63 811-XXX-18 224-XXX-573 121-XXX-590
979-XXX-68 181-XXX-902 198-XXX-501 157-XXX-655 811-XXX-05
122-XXX-66 979-XXX-22 105-XXX-317 224-XXX-589 590-XXX-84
811-XXX-95 379-XXX-75 379-XXX-95 198-XXX-925 181-XXX-321
224-XXX-525 181-XXX-934 105-XXX-201 811-XXX-14 811-XXX-76
811-XXX-85 590-XXX-72 198-XXX-941 103-XXX-54 121-XXX-685
121-XXX-725 148-XXX-240 157-XXX-053 591-XXX-58 157-XXX-370
181-XXX-743 148-XXX-526 157-XXX-734 121-XXX-386 379-XXX-20
811-XXX-67 224-XXX-556 811-XXX-89 198-XXX-813 590-XXX-68
114-XXX-26 181-XXX-125 121-XXX-466 379-XXX-78 148-XXX-303
590-XXX-59 198-XXX-963 121-XXX-722 379-XXX-79 148-XXX-62
811-XXX-36 811-XXX-73 157-XXX-451 181-XXX-266 979-XXX-10
811-XXX-37 590-XXX-38 157-XXX-482 198-XXX-481 105-XXX-245
979-XXX-42 379-XXX-04 224-XXX-965 105-XXX-991 157-XXX-917
148-XXX-266 198-XXX-186 181-XXX-781 148-XXX-735 181-XXX-685
979-XXX-58 121-XXX-642 148-XXX-239 121-XXX-629 379-XXX-70
157-XXX-766 148-XXX-281 157-XXX-434 148-XXX-132 148-XXX-477
198-XXX-725 590-XXX-54 181-XXX-387 121-XXX-656 811-XXX-24
198-XXX-569 979-XXX-09 379-XXX-79 154-XXX-05 811-XXX-23
811-XXX-02 148-XXX-117 105-XXX-217 979-XXX-35 105-XXX-014
224-XXX-279 105-XXX-153 379-XXX-07 379-XXX-31 121-XXX-313
979-XXX-99 148-XXX-541 181-XXX-148 157-XXX-339
121-XXX-307 121-XXX-720 590-XXX-08 198-XXX-958



We thank all those who participated in our MVL Trading campaign! Stay tuned for more exciting campaigns and initiatives.

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1) Cryptology reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or withdraw promotion campaign at own discretion and in case of dispute has the final word.

2) Only 1 UID per user submitted will be qualified for the Airdrop, multiple UIDs submitted by the same user or similar user names will be considered disqualified.

3) Once the list of winners is made up by our automated system and is announced on Medium, the decision will be final and not cancelable.

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